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Resolutions For Your Love Life

By Jayne Fisher

Ah, the New Years Resolutions. Itís that time of year when each and every one of us promises to stop annoying habits or start new work-out regimes with thoughts or programs to help us to become better individuals physically and mentally. We all say that weíll stop or start these resolutions and some of us even follow through - to some extent anyway.

How many of you actually continued the whole entire resolution throughout the whole following year? Hard? Right. I say letís be optimistic. Look towards the future. What accomplishments you can make, not the failures you left behind in the last year. Think of the new year as a clean slate!

Here are ten resolutions I put together to help you in your goal of finding and keeping a great loving relationship!

    I will get out more. The chances are higher of meeting someone interesting when you expand your social horizons. Classes, volunteer work, asking friends for help... the more effort you put out, the better your chances. Go out into the world and be seen! That perfect someone may be out there just waiting to meet you!

    I will have more dinner parties. This is a great way to meet people. You can take turns with a small group, each hosting a dinner party at yours or their place every week or so, with the rule that at least one or two single outsiders are invited to the dinner every time.

    I will work on eliminating my own annoying habits. Nobody is perfect, especially me. For example: I tend to interrupt people mid sentence, it drives them crazy, and I hate doing it. I really need to focus on becoming a better listener.

    I will refuse to put up with flaky behavior. If he doesnít call when he says he will, or she keeps canceling date after date, then move on. These resolutions are about creating a better love life, and if that means cleaning house, then so be it.

    I will work on getting in shape. We all wish for optimum health and body image, but it isnít easy finding the time and motivation. If you have someone in your life right now, you could work out together.

    I will create more quality time with my partner. Wednesday evening could be movie night. Turn chores into a fun event. Pick something you both enjoy doing together and relish your time together.

    I will share more sunsets, country walks and candlelight with my lover. Think back to the days when life was simpler, before electricity or television. The simplest things were a comfort, like reading a book by firelight or cooking from scratch.

    I will not settle for less than I deserve. This needs no explanation. Stick to it, and your chances for happiness will expand greatly.

    I will tell my lover everyday how much he/she means to me and seal it with a kiss!

Oh, and do send your love beautiful Love Cards !

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