Halloween Love Ceremonies

Halloween Love Ceremonies
By Joanne Elliott

October 31st is Halloween. This is the day before All Saints Day on the Christian calendar, and the last night of the old year according to the ancient Celts. It is said that between the hours of dusk until midnight on the eve of October 31st, witches, warlocks and evil spirits are able to run amok ...

But it’s not all bad! It is also believed that good spirits are able to communicate with the living at this time as well. And according to ancient folklore and legend, it is possible to cast love spells on Halloween. Here are a few great examples:

Halloween spells to cast on your own.

* Dreaming the answers

There are a few methods of doing this.

  • On Halloween night take a letter from your partner which has a particularly strong statement of love in it. Fold the letter nine times, pin it together, and put it under your pillow. The dreams which you have will tell you the truth about your partner. If you dream of silver, gems, glass, castles or clear water, then your lover is true and genuine. However, if you dream of linen, flowers, wood or uniforms it unfortunately means that your chosen man is false and deceitful.
  • There is an Old Country superstition that on Halloween, a single lady should eat a salty sardine before bedtime. In theory, the future husband should appear in the dream, with a glass of water to quench her thirst. This sounds simple enough, although it’s not to be recommended if you’re not a seafood fan!

* To see your future husband

First, find a room which you are comfortable in; preferably in your house. Wait until darkness has fallen on the eve of Halloween, and sit in the room with only a candle to illuminate your surroundings. Position the candle in front of a mirror and then either eat an apple or comb your hair. If you concentrate on your reflection it is said that the image of your future husband will appear in the glass, standing behind you.
Note: Do NOT turn around to see him in the flesh. Otherwise, he will disappear along with your chance to marry him.

Halloween spells to cast with your friends.

* Find out who’ll be the first to marry

Take four cups, and put them on a circular table. Place a ring in one cup, a coin in another, a sprig of heather or orange blossom in the third, and leave the forth empty. Everyone who wishes to be involved should be blindfolded. Then slowly, (and carefully), walk three times around the table. At the end of the third rotation, the participant must reach down and touch one cup. The contents of the cup will tell you about that person’s future marriage. The first person to touch the cup with orange blossom or heather will be the first to wed. The person who touches the cup with the coin will never know want. The cup with the ring denotes a lifetime of devoted love, whilst the empty cup means that the likelihood of a single life is probable.

* Bobbing for the answers

Gather a group of female friends together, and get a big tub or container. Fill it full of water, and then bob for apples, as you would normally. But before you put the apples in the water, insert a fortune into each of them. The best way to do this is to put the paper in small plastic bags or shrink-wrap, to avoid blurring the writing. Make up your own fortunes, but try to keep them as realistic as possible. Ideal fortunes to put under the skin of the apple include statements like ‘Your sweetheart is deceiving you’, and ‘Your husband will be masterful and powerful’. Get planning ahead of time for this one, because the more people involved, the better!

Halloween spells to cast with your lover.

* To find whether your love will last.

Wait until dusk on Halloween night, and sit before an open fire with your lover. Simultaneously place one nut each at the front of the flames. If the nuts both glow and smolder it means that you are greatly suited to each other, and that harmonious love will endure. However, if either (or worse yet, both) of the nuts burst or crackle excessively it means that there will be excessive quarrels and a lack of sympathy in your relationship.

Happy Halloween!

Joanne Elliott is an international freelance writer and illustrator involved in several different areas. Enquiries welcome: joelliott45@yahoo.co.uk

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