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Romantic Easter Ideas

Romantic Easter Ideas
By Jayne Fisher

Easter marks new beginnings... the new beginnings of spring, life, and your relationship. Here are several unique ways to add romance to your Easter.

Chocolate Egg Surprises

For this idea you buy a hollow chocolate egg and insert your own toy, gift, or message. I would get one of the larger ones and cut it in half very carefully so that the whole egg doesn’t break. Placing the egg in a paper towel will prevent chocolate melting all over your hands. Then you add your little toy, gift, or message inside. To seal the egg back together: take melted chocolate and paste it on the two broken pieces and then put the egg in the freezer so that it will stick together. Once chilled, wrap it up and what a wonderful surprise!

Easter Egg Hunt

Stay up later than your sweetie the night before Easter. Have them hunt around for plastic eggs filled with love notes, candy, etc. When they are down to the last few, give them a hint to one they might have forgotten. (Hide this one really well!) Have the last one decorated extra special and have the ring, or some other special token, inside! This would make for a perfect proposal.

Lily of the Valley or Carnations

Buy or pick some lily of the valley or carnation flowers, which are white and put the stems of them in food-colored water. The veins turn the color of the water. Perhaps using his/her favorite color would be a nice idea. It shows that you love them and took the time to make them. They will change color overnight. Many men will say it is the first time someone bought them flowers.

Romantic Easter Basket

Cut out 50 to 100 egg shapes from lace doilies, construction paper, or fabric. On each cutout, record something about her/him that you love. Be specific, "The way you smell when you come to bed at night," "The way you take care of me when I'm sick," "Your recipe for pancakes"... And fill a basket with them and have your sweetheart pull a new one out everyday. This is kind of romance that softens everyone’s heart.

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